Reel 2009

Download the fulres version here (right click > save target as), Direct link on vimeo here

So it’s finally done. My first reel! Here’s the shot breakdown:

Shot 1 – All modeling
Shot 2 – Our summer project for Stiga. I did the modeling on the machine and cuttertool, scene assembly, animation, project management, planing and customer relations
Shot 3 – All modeling
Shot 4 – Lighting and textures. Model from cgsociety Lighting Challenge #8: Haunted Hallway
Shot 5 – Work in progress of me and Johans “thesis work”. My part consists in modeling, rigging and animation of the buggy

Script 1 – Reversed foot
Script 2 – Stretchy spine
Script 3 – Lightdome
Script 4 – Automatic shock absorber
Script 5 – Object disperser

All scripts are available for download in the scripts section.
Looking for internship for first half of 2010 so feel free to contact me at

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