Progressreel spring -09

A short reel of my collected works spanning from December to April 2009.All 3d done in Maya 2008 and 2009.

Fullres version available for download here (right click and choose save target as) or from vimeo (bottom right side)

Shot list:

shot 1 – Clonk: Personal project. Made from a concept sketch by Johan Erenius
shot 2 – Aibo: My first ever 3D model
shot 3 – Ecco: Latest finished project
shot 4 – Black & decker: Saw for a fictional advert
shot 5 – B17 bomber: Work in progress

shot 6 – Disperser: Select any objects and randomize their position and rotation
shot 7 – Lightdome: Creates a spotlight at every vertexpoint of the selected geometry and constrains them all to a point at a locator
shot 8 – Shockabsorber: Creates a shockabsorber from two pieces of geometry and sets up a skelleton, ik and groupsystem

All scripts shown are selfmade and written in python. Scripts are available for download in the scripts section.
I’ve done all of the above at my school without having any previous 3D knowledge when starting roughly 6 months ago.

I wish to do something Great and Wonderful, but I must start by doing the little things like they were Great and Wonderful”
~ Albert Einstein